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I am sorry to inform the world that my mom, Susan Wells, has passed away 11.19.09 at 5:30 am from a long struggle with cancer.

Please share all thoughts and memories.

For infomation regarding her funeral please follow link below:

Thanks to everyone for being good to my mom.

Forever empty,

Previous Post from Sue – – 10.30.09:

I have to say that October has been a month I wish not to go through again. As you know I was in the hospital 3 times had 2 lungs drained to help me breath.Then I had another episode in which was not fluid. So we are doing heavy-duty chemo therapies (mixed) to try and shrink these tumors  (I have to stay in the hospital for these treatments for 4-7 days each month) that are pressing against my heart and preventing me from being able to breath. I am now on 24/7 oxygen and will be doing these treatments every few weeks in hopes of it working.

Hope you are all well, Sue

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I have a date to start the clinical trial!! I am elated, excited, jumping up and down and feel so lucky to have this opportunity!

The date is October 27! We will fly to Maryland and have a consultation and physical at this appointment. The following week we go back again, results I assume. Then if all goes well I will start the treatment which comes in pill form which is great. We will then return every few weeks to see how I am doing.

I hope this trial turns out to be a new treatment for all cancers! WE need new treatments for sure as many of you know.

Be well my friends,


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a new day..

Here we are into a new day.

Our weekend was busy. We had miss ella here on Saturday for a few hours. She is SO fun right now! Crawling all over, making lots of sounds, trying to talk, and learned to scream too! She knows us now which is nice. You say: “Grandpa” and she looks everywhere until she finds Bill and goes to him!! Brett was here for awhile visiting also. Then in the evening Dan came by and cooked us dinner out on the grill. He made steak and chicken Quesadea’s…they were soooooooo awesome! We really enjoyed along with our visit with Dan.

On Sunday Dan came for breakfast and Bill cooked his special breakfast with ALL the trimmings!! Yummy! Then we went to dinner at Brett’s. He made home made stew which was also SOOO good. Gosh did I teach these boys to cook! LOL!! We stayed a few hours at Brett’s and visited with miss ella and him. Amanda had to work. 😦

Now tonight Dan is coming over again to grill us ‘sliders’!!!! We have friends coming over to eat also! I bet we are gaining some weight! It is so worth it though! 🙂

My sister Carol was here also on Saturday from Harbor Springs Mi. for a visit. She was here while miss ella was here so she (Carol) played and played with miss ella too!

What a fun weekend! Now everyone’s back at work…:-(

Be well my friends,



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past and future…

My past: As many of you know I have had lupus for many years. I have been lucky to have had a wonderful specialist taking care of me for over 25 years. She has always been here for me at a moments notice; she has used her expertise and great knowledge of this disease to get me through many hard times. I have no idea where I would have been all these years without her.  BUT, now I am going to have to find out, as she is moving out of state!! This is really sad news to me. I am happy (for her) that she is moving on and is happy, but….oh my…

My future: As far as my cancer treatments go, I have finally been approved for the clinical study (trial) I have been waiting for. Although I have to wait some more time (4-5 weeks) before I actually go to Maryland NCI to start the treatments. This is kind of scary to me having to wait this long as I have been off treatment for awhile now (since chemo stopped working). I will pray that everything will be ok and that this new treatment will help me as well as many others that are dealing with colon cancer. The research for new treatments is so very important as this is how we get our new treatments/medications and I am very happy to be a part of this research! Who knows maybe this trial will end up being a cure for CC!!! Let’s hope so!

Now onward I go to find a new Rheumatologist for the lupus, and starting the clinical trial to beat this cancer….I am high maintenance for sure! 😦

Be well my friends,

Sue 🙂

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I am still waiting for an answer from NIC about the clinical trial I would like to go on.

I was thinking today that we spend so many hours a day just ‘waiting’. Waiting in traffic, store lines, Dr’s apt’s….on/on. Too bad we do not get paid to ‘wait’, we’d all be rich! 🙂

I have been battling asthma for the last couple of weeks from my allergies. Michigan can be wicked if you have allergies!  Asthma is so scary! I started a new twice a day ‘preventive’ inhaler which seems to be helping, along with my regular inhaler. This is so frustrating!

We finally after about 2 weeks got our phone working right!  Bill and I have been learning so much ‘new’ technology! Not that we want to, but in todays world you better at least know a little.

The boys were here on Sunday along with our little Isabella. We had a great time!! Isabella is getting all over the place now at 6 months. She kept us up and running! 🙂 Dan came in the evening and cooked us dinner. He grilled steak, baked pot’s. corn on cob and had ice cream for desert! He can really BBQ!!! Thanks, Dan. 🙂

Thanks Brett for grocery shopping for us! We have the BEST son’s on earth!!! 🙂

Be well…



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The 3 Wells Gal’s…

Here we are:

 Mrs Sue Wells, Mrs Amanda Wells, and Ms Isabella Wells at Grandma Wells’s house.

We are here introducing Ms Isabella to her ‘first’ mums and all the beautiful fall colors around our yard. She was very interested in the plants and the vibrant colors, more so than having pictures taken! We had a wonderful day together.




(You can double click on the pictures twice in the next 2 windows that come up to view larger.) 


Medical site: 

I am still waiting to hear about the clinical trial.

Be well my friends,



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clinical trials…

 Clinical trials:

Patients With Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer:

Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer:

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Yesterday we had the pleasure of Isabella’s visit. We played and laughed and showed off our precious darling.

My friend Deb came down and took lots of pictures of miss ella and we had her laughing and having fun.

Brett, Amanda, miss ella and I went back to friend (s) Sue and Ralph’s house (they live behind us). Miss ella had fun there too….smiling and taking everything and everyone in! She is so observant right now; I would love to know what she is thinking as she looks at everything with such interest. I do know that Miss ella loves her grandpa!!bill and isabellla

We had a nice BBQ. Bill cooked…yummy! Dan was here too. We had a nice family get together. I enjoy these times so much.

Hopefully tomorrow I will find out if I can get into the National Cancer Insitute in Maryland and start the new clinical trial. I am very excited to do this. I pray that it works..

FYI- I am going to start putting a link at the end of my post’s. They will include illnesses, new medications and treatments.

Be well…Sue

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clinical trials…

I have been looking for a clinical trial for me to get into because my cancer is no longer being controlled by chemo therapy.

This is really taking a lot of work, but I did find a good trial (finally) in Colorado that ended up not being any good for ‘me’ though.  I found out I had to have an inherited gene, and I do not. Sooo on to searching again. I found another one at NHI in MD that sounds very good. I took it to my Dr. today and he agreed it might be good to do. So now I am contacting them and sending all my records etc. in hopes that I will be a good candidate! This is all very time consuming, but it is good for me to have something productive to do. I have learned so much about all kinds of cancers and treatments and clinical trials. I wish more people would do these trials as this is how we eventually get better treatments.

The weather is just beautiful here. It cooled down and all the fall flowers are blooming. The only thing bad is the ragweed that is really getting to me!

Isabella is doing great. She is 6 months old now and is laughing and giggling and giving us so much pleasure!!

Yesterday was Brett’s birthday AND him and Amanda’s 2nd wedding anniversary! Wow…how time is flying!!

I’m off to find some more clinical trials. If anyone is looking for one let me know and I will help you.

Be well..Sue

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When you get a life affecting illness like cancer

When you get a life affecting illness like cancer, it changes you forever. A light goes out and you think and think and think. What am I suppose to do? Should I tell others? Should I keep it to myself? Will I make others uncomfortable with knowing? What about my treatments? What if I look sick-loose my hair–or turn into a whiner?

I have always been open with my feelings to my family and friends, but this was a hard one. Once I get it all out I wasn’t sure if I would feel better or worse with them knowing. I wasn’t sure where this would take my friends, would they now ignore me? Would they be afraid to call? Were they afraid and sad now? All these questions filled my heart…I wasn’t sure what to do.

In the end I told everyone…all my family and all my friends. Their reactions have been God sent to me. Sooo many of my friends came to my treatments, sat with me for hours–thank you Deb, Mary, Carol and Jacque, Dan and others. My friends and I get together and go to lunch which is so nice. Thank you Sue, Gloria, Mary, Donna, Janice, Deb, Jacque, Carol, Amanda and others that have done this for me! And thank you Sonny for all of your wonderful meals! Boy, can he cook! And for all the phone calls daily from all of you. Brett and Dan thank you! You have made me feel very special, but not sick! There has been so much compassion, love and thoughtfulness. Thank you Peggy for all of your cards and gifts! And Mom (Ida) thank you for being you. Helen you have helped me so much and I thank you. And, Donna N all your cards and gifts have lifted my spirits on more than one occation. And, Ger your cards and calls always lift me up.   Bill you are my rock, without you I would not be able to fight this. If I forgot to mention your name please excuse me.

I never knew that so many people cared for me to this extent. I can litterly call any of them at any time and they are right here. They fill my need at times when I feel lonely, sad and blue. They always bring me back up to my positive thoughts with fighting this horrible disease. I have done it for 6 years now and will continue for many more!!

Thank you everyone for your selflessness! I am not sure I’d be where I am today without all of you!

Be well,


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